From Fun​-​zo to Done​-​zo

by Future Fridays

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Future Fridays proudly present “From Fun-zo to Done-zo”. With your acquisition of this musical artifact you have also obtained a very personal story. Sari Breznau and Eric Padget fell in and out of love during the four years proceeding this album's release, and the whimsical, honest, and occasionally dark tale of their experiences is presented within. Please take the time to feel all the feels, hear all the sounds, and indulge in the absurdity of it all .


released February 13, 2015

Sari Breznau arranged, performed on, and helped organize this record.
Eric Padget wrote the songs for, performed on, and complicated this record.

Steve Fisk Engineered and Mixed this record. He also provided some gear and performed live.
Tom Dyer Mixed (Fertile Nerd Alert) and Mastered this record. He also gave good advice.

Many buddies help along the way. Chances are you know who you are. Thanks.

Album art by Emily Marie Clark
Album Cover and Photo by Carlton Lonergan IV
Logo by Jae Glenn



all rights reserved


Future Fridays Seattle, Washington

Sari Breznau is a circus performer, choir director, stage-craftsman and multi-instrumentalist. Eric Padget is a doofy songwriter and trumpet player.

They were in love, but not anymore. These songs are about that, sorta.
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Track Name: Fertile Nerd Alert
You say you dream of California
And when you say it, you say it loud
But up here in Seattle
The sun's only behind a cloud

You say you're dreaming of the country
Looking for the simple life
Well I would love to be right next to you
Make you my wife

So tell me that you'll never leave me
Tell me that you'll stay forever
Never go so far away
That I can't see you smell you breath you

Nothing ever lasts forever
At least that's what I keep hearing
Staring at Sons of the Profits
Wondering just what I've been feeling

You say you're dreaming of a family
Well excuse me, if I may be allowed
To be the father of your children
You know that I'd be proud

You say you're dreaming of the future
one that we can both endure
Until the day we get there
We'll never know for sure
Track Name: Dream Big
Well I may dream of stupid things
Like picture books and diamond rings
But I don't care
As long as they stay dreams

Oh I may spit up stupid lies
And launch them out amongst the skies
And when they return
They fall upon deaf ears

We'll get more enthusiastic
If we can't get more wise
As long as we both hold onto our lives

Let's dream big and outsmart the sea
If it's gonna swallow you then it's gonna swallow me

Oh once they find out we're both liars
Then I'll lead the band and you'll lead the choir
And when they come searching for us
We're gonna roll them all right under the bus
Track Name: I AM NOT YOU
I am not you
I am a different person
You are not me
So get the fuck over yourself

Maybe we can get along with one another
Maybe then we wouldn't go murder eachother

With some time
And perhaps a little money
We'll bury trees
And chase the bears off from our honey
Track Name: Good Job, Everybody
Good job everybody
Track Name: Mutual Admiration Society
It's only gonna get better from here

Welcome to the Mutual Admiration Society
Nobody's gotta work too hard, and they'll say it loudly
Nobody's got any money but they'll flaunt it proudly
Nobody's got any work but nobody's counting

Wake up in the morning to love one another
Looks it's my sister, look it's my brother!
No challenge we face will be insurmountable
When the bill shows up no one's held accountable
Track Name: Put Your Name on It
If you find a loving partner
And decide you must get married
Throw yourself a lovely wedding
Look down at that piece of paper

They put their name on you!

If you travel with a rough crew
And the cops, they finally find you
They will take a pretty picture
Thumbprint on a piece of paper

They put your name on it!

Travel lightly with a mission
Pretend everybody's listening
Climb unto your favorite soapbox
Say the words they've all been need

If you find your perfect canvas
Be it side of wall or art school
You will paint a pretty picture
That lasts forever or until some day

You put your name on it!
Track Name: War From Within
Stop the war from within
The world is full of many things
That'd be happy to eat you alive

Stop the war from within
The world will keep on spinning even
If everybody dies

There are bears
Roomba Cat Sharks
Rabid Raccoons that live in sketchy parks

I'm gonna build my life around you
Even if it kills me
Your love is like a fortress
Doing it's best to surround your things

If I was to lose you
The seas would part and my hair would grow back
If I had to live without you
I might lose my mind and never come back
Track Name: The Greatest Secret
Terrified of the difference between right and wrong
I'd climb the nearest mountain but it'd take too long
Instead I find the nearest hill and fall right down
Instead I find the quickest way out of town

I find myself in a new place every afternoon
I find a new locale but there just ain't no room
I find me a new method but it just ain't gonna work
I find myself a new life but I'm still a jerk

So I turn around come home and I feel the same
Looking for greater meaning is a stupid game
From the bottom of the sea to the center of the sun
The greatest secret of all is that there isn't one
Track Name: Type A
She is a type A extrovert
I used to be a type B introvert
See her walking down the hall
In you know which skirt
Now I'm a type A extrovert

She knows exactly where to go
i thought I did, but learned I didn't know
You may have seen her once or twice before
If you have then you know just what's in store
Track Name: Subliminal Messages
Can you read between the lines?

I am giving you the right kind of infection
I hopefully am giving you the right kind of protection

I am giving you the right kind of perfection
I hopefully am giving you the right kind of rejection

I am giving you the right kind of inspection
I hopefully am giving you the right kind of correction
Track Name: Biblical Scents
Tell me something I don't know
Tell me something that I haven't heard already

I know you in a biblical sense
Is it right? Is it wrong?